Career Story

Angela Sim

Vice President and Head,
DevOps and Shared Services

My greatest satisfaction is when people say that I made a difference in their lives or that they want to model some of my behaviors.

Why did you decide BMO was right for you and why do you love working here?

Fifteen years ago I chose to work for a bank as I liked the stability and the culture a bank provided. Although I “happened” into the job, I choose to stay at BMO all these years because I am consistently given challenges and opportunities to continually use my skills and make changes across technology. I have had amazing managers who supported me along the journey, giving me a chance to do something different and try new things. This has helped me grow through all those experiences.

In your experience, what has made you successful at BMO?

A couple things have helped me be successful at BMO.

First of all, it’s a willingness to work with others and consistently try to see others point of view. We have to assume everyone has the best intentions and when there is conflict it’s often because we just aren’t understanding each other. But, if you can get to the root of the conflict based on data and remove the emotions, you are equipped to make the right decisions.

Secondly my willingness to push the change envelope and be a change agent has helped me be successful. I am always looking for ways to improve. Whether it is at work trying to optimize something we do or at home in looking for the most efficient way to mow my lawn, I am never satisfied with the current – everything can always be improved.

What has helped you in your career development and what lessons have you learned along the way as you explored new opportunities at BMO?

What has helped me is working for different managers in different technology areas across BMO. Everyone has their own style and approach and learning all those styles and how to deal with different people is a huge advantage. As I explored new opportunities at BMO I learned that if you are no longer challenged in your current role, don’t look outside, look within BMO. Moving from one BMO area to the next can give you those same challenges and leverage all your experience, without leaving BMO.

What are you currently working on that is helping you build on different skills?

I am leading parts of the IT transformation journey – specifically around Agile and DevOps. This is different for me as my past roles were all about heads-down delivery. In my new role, it is about creating efficiency frameworks that other tech teams can use to deliver. It is about building the proper foundations to streamline technology and using marketing and influencing skills to engage a technology workforce of 7,000 to see why we in technology need to adopt a new way of working…to make it better for our business and most importantly our customers.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Managing people and seeing them grow into amazing leaders who passionately enable their teams. My greatest satisfaction is when people say that I made a difference in their lives or that they want to model some of my behaviors.

What is your proudest moment working at BMO, especially as we celebrate BMO200 & what excites you about the year ahead?

My proudest moment working at BMO was when I became a Vice President. Fifteen years ago I started at the bank as the most junior developer possible. Throughout the years I have grown in various roles and now I have this amazing chance to implement change across all of technology. It is a time of change and showing our business partners and customers that technology “gets it” and is driving to deliver it right.

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