Career Story

Kajan Balasundaram

Director & Senior Technology Officer

BMO is playing an imperative role in the technology world by breaking down vast obstacles we once thought were impossible to overcome.

Why did you decide BMO was right for you?

After gaining much work experience at several North American financial institutions, I wanted to join a large financial organization that possessed a great technical footprint, which led me to BMO. I greatly enjoy and appreciate working at BMO- it has given me an opportunity to work in an ideal technical atmosphere, which is one of the aspects in the job that appeals to me the most. BMO continually gives me opportunities to be a part of a technological and financial organization that always strives to innovate and enhance itself.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Truthfully, BMO offers a vast amount of opportunities to thrive and it continually manages to create innovative and thrilling situations that I can take part in. There is never a day that passes when working at BMO in which I find myself uninterested and bored. Each day I go to work I still feel tremendously passionate about my job and am always interested in what I will be achieving that day.

What has helped you in your career development and what lessons have you learned along the way as you explored new opportunities at BMO?

Coming from an IT consulting background definitely helped with the designing and architecting solutions involved in projects. In addition, being a part of such ardent and collaborative teams transformed me not only as a BMO employee, but also as a person. BMO provided me with such life-altering experiences such as extraordinary coaching from management and fantastic trainings.

What are you excited about?

Technology is going through a massive transformation. We are altering the traditional methods we utilized in the past. Additionally, BMO is playing an imperative role in the technology world by breaking down vast obstacles we once thought were impossible to overcome.

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